Victorian Public Sector Commissioner

Register of Lobbyists

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Register of lobbyists

The Register is a public document that contains the following information about lobbyists who make representation to Government on behalf of their clients:

  • The business registration details and trading names of each lobbyist company, or where the business is not a publicly listed company, the names of owners, partners or major shareholders, as applicable;
  • The names and positions of persons employed, contracted or otherwise engaged by the Lobbyist to carry out lobbying activities;
  • Details of the most senior position(s) held in each category as described in Clause 5.1.(e) of the Code of Conduct;
  • The names of clients on whose behalf the lobbyist conducts lobbying activities.

Any Lobbyist who wishes to contact a Government Representative for the purpose of lobbying activities must be registered and must agree to comply with the requirements of the Victorian Government Professional Lobbyist Code of Conduct.

Page last revised: 20 June 2014