Victorian Public Sector Commissioner

Register of Lobbyists

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how to register

This Page:

  • tells you about the registration process
  • details what information you need to provide if you want to be included on the Register
  • tells you what information will be shown on the Register, and
  • provides a link to the online registration form

the registration process

To register you will need to take the following steps:

  1. go to the registration form
  2. fill out the form online (the information you will be asked for is listed below)
  3. check to make sure the details you entered are correct
  4. click on 'submit'. The details you have submitted will then be displayed and you will be asked to click a box to say you have read the Code of Conduct and agree to comply with your obligations under the Code.
  5. complete the Statutory Declaration(s) required under clause 9.1 of the Code and mail it to:
    Victorian Public Sector Commission
    3 Treasury Place
    Melbourne Vic 3002
    DX 210753
  6. click on 'continue' . Your application for registration will then be submitted. An acknowledgement will be sent to the email address you have provided. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please notify us at
  7. once your application has been approved, your details will appear on the register and you will be notified by email. This could take up to 5 business days after we receive your completed Statutory Declarations.

information required for the registration process

Note: the following infomation marked with # will be displayed on the register.

You will be asked to provide:

  1. your Business Entity Name and Australian Business Number (ABN) and preferred Trading Name #
  2. the names of owners, partners and major shareholders as applicable #
  3. contact details: name of responsible officer, email address of responsible officer, phone number of responsible officer. These contact details will be used for our communciations with you, including notification of a password to allow you to "sign in" to your listing in the Register. Please include your area code with your telephone number and fax numbers.
  4. your website address (optional)
  5. The names and positions of all persons employed, contracted or otherwise engaged by the lobbyists to carry out lobbying activites. #
  6. The political positions held and the year of ceasation as described in the Code of Conduct clause 5.1.(e).#
  7. Names of third parties for whom the lobbyist is currently retained to provide paid or unpaid services as a lobbyist. #
  8. Names of clients who have, in the previous twelve months, engaged the lobbyist to make representation to Government representatives, whether paid or unpaid. #

information that will be displayed on the Register

The information in points above marked (#) will be displayed on the Register, as required under the Code of Conduct.

The contact details (point 3 above) are for our communications with you only and will not be displayed on the Register. It should be noted however, that this information may be liable for disclosure under the freedom of Information Act 1982.

registration form

click here to go to the online registration form

Page last revised: 20 June 2014