Victorian Public Sector Commissioner

Register of Lobbyists

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who needs to register?

"Lobbyist" means any person, company or organisation who conducts lobbying activites on behalf of a third party client.

There are a number of exclusions from this definition listed in clause 3.4 a-g including:

  • Members of trade delegations visiting Australia;
  • Persons who are already registered under an Australian Government scheme regulating cretain professions (such as tax agents, custom brokers, company auditors and liquidators) who make representations to the Government on behalf of clients, as part of the normal day to day work of people in that profession;
  • Service provides (such as lawyers, doctors, accountants and other service providers); who make occasional representation to the Government on behalf of clients in a way that is incidental to the provision of their professional services; and
  • Representatives of other Governments, or Government agencies or Inquiries.

Lobbying activities means communication in an effort to influence Government decision-making.

Detailed definitions of lobbying activities, lobbyist , client and Government representatives are contained in clause 3 of the Code of Conduct.

Page last revised: 20 June 2014