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 The 'responsible officer' is the person who is the contact person for any matters relating to a lobbyist's listing on the Register of Lobbyists.
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 Lobbyist Details
Please provide the details of all staff members who are involved in lobbying activities.
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a Chief of Staff, Senior Adviser or Adviser in the private office of a Commonwealth or
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a Minister or Parliamentary Secretary of a Federal or State Government? (Category 2)
a National or State Secretary/Director or Deputy or Assistant Secretary/Director
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Do you have any current clients or clients for whom you have provided lobbying services (paid or unpaid) in the past twelve months as a minimum?
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 Owner Details
Please provide the names of all the owners, partners or major shareholders of your business, including other businesses or individuals. Please note that, where relevant, this information should match the details in your business listing with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.
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Page last revised: 20 June 2014